bumped & bruised.

I'm a little beat up at the moment. No joke. I have some sort of nose injury from horsin' around with my nugget on Sunday....unsure if broke or not due to only a little brusing and almost no swelling...but lets just say the throbbing pain wakes me up at night. It crackles when you touch it and I have had an almost constant headache around my nose since it happened. DANG IT! If my nose is not broken I cant imagine how awful a broken nose feels. But, what I really want to talk about today is the bruise on the left side of my right knee. It is aprox. the size of a dime. Its deep blue/black and I don't have a clue what its from. Honestly—prob the same horsin' around I was talking about earlier but who knows. What I do know is no matter where on your body you have a bruise and regardless of how small or large that bruise is, you will hit that bruise at least 14,000 times a day until it goes away. What the heck am I doing to touch that one particular spot so much?

So besides all that you should know:
I am watching a rerun of Full house right now. I'm in heaven! :-)

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  1. Do you remember how many times Mother Hen said, 'Stop horsin' around before someone gets hurt?'