You know you are a regular married couple -out of the puppy lovey dovey stage- when you spend your Tuesday evening talking about charts and graphs. Yes...this actually happened. We sat without the TV on and had a entire conversation about what we like the most and least about graphs/charts. The only way we had enough information to make this subject into an actual converstation has to do with Turkey's job—it heavily involves financial forecasting for companies so he creates charts to present their financials to his clients. He does this day in and day out so he knows a good bit. And, to be completely honest, much of the conversation I didn't understand what he was even talking about. Anywhoooooo.....I decided early on in the convo to proclaim that I LOOOOOVE charts. I really do. If I'm skimming blogs or magazines and see a pie chart, I almost ALWAYS stop and read the article. They just catch my eye. Plus, they are all pretty with colors...
“Of course that's what you like.” was The Turkey's response. Then proceeded to tell me (as nicely as possible) how much he loathes pie charts and that they are worthless to him. I still beg to differ but he says they contain no useful information. HOW RUDE!!!! ;-) From this point on is when the discussion became very one sided and I had to sit and listen why he likes a “scatter chart” the most. **I think he just wants to play connect the dots** He tells me he loves to see the movements - “hills and valleys” of the dots. Whatever dude! His second favorite is a bar graph, just incase you all are as interested to know as I was.
I have no reason for writing about this and telling the world about our opinions on graphs other than to give Turkey an annoying project to make graphs for this post. I love you honey!


PEOPLE....This next one is the very thing that gets my husband all hot and bothered. This is most lame of all three of these! "Come on, man!" -ESPN


  1. Hey I have no pretty charts to look at what happened? Also if I may add my small observation from a looooong ago Economics class charts can be somewhat manipulated to make them deliver the info 'you' want. Pie charts are the worst. Sorry Spicy but they are very elementary most of the time. Pretty yes. With all of this political BS on TV all the time and their charts I find it all less than solid info more comical how they portray as gospel.

  2. I don't know why you cant see these beautiful charts!! They work perfect for me...hmmm????

  3. what happened after I left?! Sounds like I missed all the excitement!

  4. Got them now. I must admit the last chart is a little shall we say 'plain' but really do get the groove with the second one. I will have to ask Rooster what he thinks about this.

  5. turkey says the last chart doesn't prove his point because usually his charts have like 50 dots and make it so much more complex.

  6. Rooster says bar chart. I agree with Turkey if in fact he has numerous pieces of data to display quickly for comparison. I must admit I like some color in the charts as well.