Fun Facts.

My “Decision 2012”
Ever since I can remember it has bothered me when people, especially my parents -when I still lived at home, move their normal furniture to replace it with their christmas tree. As long as I have had my own christmas tree I have refused to move anything to accommodate it. Now, I'm in a new house and I'm struggling to decide where it should go. I have three places in mind. One of them being a place where it would require that I SHIFT my furniture a bit but would be the most ideal place for it. I'm so torn and having a slight anxiety attack over this decision. I'm short of breath just writing this. HELLLLLLPPP!!!!!

A New (and slightly overused) Turkey Quote:
If you don't ____________ I will de-friend you on Facebook. I think he used this at least 5 times over the weekend with our friends who were visiting us from out of town.

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