Four Fabulous Years, Today!......

I mean not every single second has been fabulous but over all we have been so blessed and our lives are rich in so many ways. It's hard to believe it's been four years of marriage and nine years of togetherness but then when I think of how far we've come, it all makes sense. This year has been an “eventful” one. Some good, some bad. Just lots of hurddles and change... but in the end most of it makes a good story to tell.
We had the best little * early * celebration on Monday. Turkey took the day off and we spent it antique shopping back home. We found lots of goodies! Most of all it was just nice to spend that time with no real agenda together without the Nugget's schedule to work around. I think our “fancy” anniversary dinner cost all of 12 dollars. LOL!!! Yes, as much as my mother thinks it was a ridiculous choice (on my part) we chose to celebrate our four years at a fast food restaurant called “Grandy's.” Turkey initially thought my choice was really lame but then quickly perked up when he realized how cheap it was! If you refer to my post on 4/16/12 you will see that Grandy's has a special place in my heart for the best fried chicken and breaded okra ever. Damn it's good!
I really cant think of any other way I would have wanted to celebrate, low key and comfy. Just us. So with that said..
Here is to year #5 : “Steady as We Go.”


  1. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!!

  2. I remember it like it was yesterday! Happy Anniversary!! :) xo