Slowly but Surely...

Just wanted to give an update on my upcoming Etsy shop opening!! I've yet to set an official date of the opening--but no later than jan 2013! I've been working my tail off when I actually have time.... Creating, researching, working on shop policies, pricing, and getting some fun new supplies. I'm having a great time and I love having another creative outlet. I don't want this pet project to become too serious or a full time job so thats why i'm moving at the pace of a snail. Any good artist knows that if something begins to nag at you and feel like work -its time to step away for a bit... otherwise it shows in your work. My other update is my amazing sister-n-law had decided to join in on the fun! We have had loads of fun talking about all this and bouncing ideas off each other. I love having a partner in crime!
So thats all for now.. I promise to set a real shop opening date soon! But for now here are a few sneek peaks!

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