Stuck on Stickers.

"Stuck" & "sticker" two of Nugget's newest words...

I'm pretty much in love with all craft supplies. I get excited to buy anything from JoAnn's or any other craft store, even if I dont have a reason to own it. I just love it. I want it in my possession simply to gaze at. My love for crafts runs deep. As long as I can remember, painting, glue-ing, cutting, sticking, sewing, painting, taping, etc. has been my very favorite past time. With this said, Nugget is well on her way to folllowing in my footsteps. We love to paint, draw, use markers, color, and best of all play with stickers, together. Yesterday, while in the midst of a sticker-fest with Nugget, I suddenly realized how silly stickers are, yet they are SO AMAZING! I quickly found myself daydreaming of all types of stickers and how cool they are. Now I want to go on a shopping spree exclusively for stickers. People..I want scratch and sniff, the fuzzy texture kind, I want the teacher's stickers --WITH A STICKER CHART, I want stickers of every theme, shape, and size. I'm officially adding stickers to my Christmas list in case anyone reading this wants to buy me stickers. I especially want the scratch and sniff. But, for real...does everyone remember how bad-ass it was if you got your homework or a quiz back with a sticker on it. If I got a sticker I was unstoppable for the rest of the day. Nothing made me prouder than a sticker on my paper. So I've decided I'm going to implement this into my daily life. If The Turkey does a chore- BOOM- Sticker. If someone babysits or sends us a yummy treat- BOOM- Sticker. And then who ever has the most stickers gets a sticker. Of course no one will beat me because I will be giving myself stickers for anything that I want.

**fun fact: I once put stickers all over my mothers vacuum cleaner. I wanted to decorate it. She, however, did not think it needed decoration. BUUUUT the joke was on her...I chose what must have been stickers with a cement strength adhesive on the back because still to this very day they are on there and can not be picked off. Your welcome Mother Hen!!! :-)

This was a pretty important post to my blogging career, so I'm gonna go ahead and give myself a sticker..thank you very much.


  1. Hey I get a sticker too for keeping the same beast of a vaccum all decorated all these years.

  2. We used to get stickers on our timesheets at work, BEST. THING. EVER. I was also obsessed with Lisa Frank stickers (do you remember those?!?!)