The Weekend.

WOW! I have been M.I.A. Lately!!!! I spent two days last week painting the nursery for my sister. Then from there went back to my parents and just got back into town late Sunday night! This last weekend was one of our family's traditions-Turtle Soup Weekend! I know it sounds real crazy to some of you but it really is the best. It DOES have a little turtle meat in it but really its mostly beef and chicken and tons of veggies. Its most like a version of veggie soup with a bit more spice and a little bit different texture. For those of you who have never heard of such a thing—its a very popular tradition to make Turtle Soup my hometown area. We also for the first time did a hog roast too (like in the ground similar to what they do at a hawaiian luau) So anyway, last weekend was filled with tons of food, laughter, and amazing family time. It makes my heart happy.
The boys getting the Hog out of the ground...It gave them a reason to play in the dirt and with The Rooster King's bobcat.

I forgot to mention we all dressed up in our halloween costumes for some extra fun! We were obviously Peanut Butter and Jelly (I made those and I must say I'm proud of the end product!)  and The Nugget was a Giraffe! 

The Rooster King keeping an eye on the soup!

The rest of this week brings a marathon of laundry and chores to get back on track here at home! So, if I disappear again, that is why!

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  1. Yeah baby the costumes were first rate. You really deserve the lovely trophy you dropped off in my bedroom. We need a big hurrah for the family took lots of hands to pull off a great weekend.