1 Year!

WOW!! ONE YEAR!!! I seriously can't believe how fast this past year went! I have had the best time writing for the last year. As the last few weeks have led up to this one year blogiversary, I have thought so much of what to do or what to write about....and suddenly this week I realized I've never written about how or why this blog was started...

Just over a year ago, I wrote what would become my very first post, Yoga Pants., as an email to a few friends and family members. I clearly had nothing to do if I randomly decided to write this to everyone. I'm not sure where the notion came from but I'm just kinda random like that. I quickly got a lot of responses from people and shockingly two of the five or so that I sent this to both suggested I start a blog since I always have something I “want/need” to talk about-and its always ridiculous topics by the way. What everyone didn't know at this point last fall was that I had already decided I would be leaving my job at the salon to stay home full time in the new year. I'm not even sure I had told my parents at that time. When the suggestions of a blog were made, the idea just stuck. I kept thinking about it. After some serious consideration about my upcoming changes to be made, I decided it might be the perfect thing to take on with leaving my super social job. And, indeed, it has been just that. Perfect. So that random email way back when became my very first post on here and I haven't shut up ever since! It has been an amazing place to ramble like I used to in the back room at work... it has provided me motivation to stay true to who I was before becoming a mother...as well as sharing the new part of my life as a mother... and last, it forces me to take a little bit of enjoyable “rest” time away from being a mom and doing housework!

Today, I'm celebrating by sitting here posting this in my yoga pants and drinking some coffee on this wonderful November 3rd. --Maybe even going out and buying a new pair of yoga pants!
So here we go...Year TWO of craziness is coming your way!


  1. Just an observation. I fist off must admit I like yoga pants, HOWEVER, coming from the 'old days' I really feel like yoga pants of today are a newer sleek look to . . . .yo your momma's pants. I mean really elastic waist all the comfort of pajama pants. Sorry Spicey but new day new name; same product. Comfort :-) Keep on wearing 'em sister & keep on blogging.

  2. Happy Blogversary!