I will:

1. Relax and rest as much as possible.
2. Go through my closet
3. Make breakfast for Turkey's work one friday.
4. Watch loads of Christmas movies!
5. Eat tons of Christmas cookies & treats.

In December!! 

this month will likely be low key on here as the last two weeks already have been. I'm busy prepping and planning for a few surprises for later this month and January, as well as planning my Nuggets 2nd birthday party for next month. So as you only sparingly hear from me, Hang TIght!!! I promise I have some great things coming in the next few weeks! 

Our once themed tree has taken a huge turn this year with replacing breakables with some fun Nugget friendly ornaments! 
Not picture perfect anymore but SO MUCH FUN!


  1. Sounds to me like you are just curling up on the couch to catch a nap on the cold cloudy afternoons while Nugget naps.

  2. I want to watch Christmas movies and eat Christmas cookies with you!!