I've got the “bug”.....my circut I'm talking about. I seriously love this beast more and more each day. Oh- and by beast I mean Eleanor. That's her name. At first it took a while to remember I even had it and honestly to even really discover her capabilities. I did basic stuff immediately but with moving getting in the way just shortly after Christmas last year I hardly got to really study the material that came along with her. I've been using her for everything for the last few months. I'm most excited at the moment about my fleur de lis that I cut and framed over the weekend. I was kinda shifting things around on my bookcase at the end of last week when the idea- came to me at the perfect time -that I could actually use a cut out as art in a frame. DUH! Why had I not thought of this sooner??? GEESH! I can already tell this is a new kick I'm gonna be on now...framing things that I cut out with my cricut.  My whole house is going to turn into a virtual scrapbook page! But for real...Im currently making some cards, my gift tags for Christmas, and holiday related banners to have on the fireplace. Eleanor is the best crafty companion I could ever have. I love you Eleanor...and I love Santa for bring her to me last year.  
To anyone who loves to craft like me- WATCH OUT! This bug might be contagious!

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