So i think my new favorite tv show is The Mindy Project. It is HILARIOUS!! Seriously I look SOOOO forward to this show each week! With this said... This show has made me wish i was a doctor. 


1. I want to wear blue scrubs & flashy nike shoes everyday. (I really do secretly think scrubs are cool)
2. I want to carry a pager.
3. I want to be called Dr.
4. I want to have "client files" to look at
5. I want to scribble my name like a Doctor.
6. I want to seem like Im awesome because Im a doctor but really be the basket case that I am.


**Im 26 and would unfortunately be graduating medical school by now if i actually would have known these deep desires 8 years ago. I've wasted my chance to be a doctor. I've waited too long. I cant believe I blew this opportunity! It's a shame. I could never go to medical school now.


i could wear scrubs anyways, carry a pager and insist that Turkey routinely page me every 2 hours so i feel cool, and flip through files all day all while Im still at home with the Nugget. This, indeed, is a better route. No school, no loans, no boss, and no real work to actually do. Yes..I will be a doctor of Domestic super motherhood.
I think I need a diploma to be framed in the kitchen. But, it better be really official looking with seals and gold foil lettering. The whole nine yards.

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