The Best of 2012

Becoming a Stay at home Mama!
It was a turbulent transition but has really smoothed out nicely! I can say after one year at home I have no regrets! Yes there are some cons to staying at home but the pro's outweigh them by far. 

Moving homes! 
Again, turbulent but at the end of the day just as it was supposed to be. 

Lake Michigan!
First mini family vacation with Nugget girl. There are no words to describe how cute it was to watch her play in the sand and water. 

How about that??? HA!!! I'm talking about the stretch of 3 months where nothing crazy exciting & new was happening  Sometimes those spans of time are just what we need to feel most happy.

Our family is expanding!!
Feeling so blessed that God sees us fit to bring a new life to this world. Nugget will LOVE being a big sissy! Its a scarey but equally exciting change coming our way!

**I dont actually use twitter but really wanted to/felt the need to use hashtags. 

So ready to move forward with 2013. It's gonna be good one. I can feel it.

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