3 Short Stories.

It Really frustrates me that when I order a cheeseburger from McDonald's with extra pickle, that they still only put on ONE DAMN PICKLE on it! COME ON PEOPLE! This has been happening to me for years and I've just about had it. Are we having a pickle shortage that I don't know about? For like the last 10 years? Are pickles so stinkin' expensive that they can't spare a second pickle? I want a small portion of pickle to be in every bite. NOT just the center two bites.
I'm glad I got that off my chest. Whew.

Sometimes I get very confused on crackers and chips. This has only just started in the last 2-3 years. I promise I'm not making this up. I get really confused about if something is a chip or a cracker. Its sorta like when you say a word, like “stamp”, out loud like 25 times and then it no longer sounds like a real word with any meaning. That's sorta how I feel when I use the words “cracker” or “chips”. I say one of those words out loud but for some reason I have no idea which word actually came out of my mouth. WHAAAT???

.I know you all are just sitting there saying “stamp” over and over and its starting to sound like just a noise.

When I was little I would throw up very. single. time. I went swimming.
We had a pool growing up and all of my family members will vouch for me on this. I would just lean over the side of the pool and spit up a bit. 

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