Dressing the Bump.

Im officially in my “fat jeans”. Nothing fits right. I remember this feeling all to well but I know how quickly it will pass and I'll be “bumpin” hard before I even know it. With the exception of pants, I REFUSED to wear maternity clothes last time and my feelings haven't changed. Why spend money on maternity clothes that you seriously only wear for like 6 months???!!!

My dilemma:
Everything that I own from last time wont work since I will be large and in charge in the complete opposite season of last time. Additionally, I'm not a fan of lots of summer fashions.

I've been pouring myself over blogs and lots of sources for inspiration for this pregnancy. I want to put a lot of thought into what I purchase from this point forward and what I can utilize from what I already own. I've found tons of articles and blogs that have featured outfit ideas using non-maternity wear. I'm gathering tons of great ideas and inspiration. Most people are only pregnant a few times (usually) so for me---I wanna rock it out and do the best I can with my bumpin body. So...to make sense of all this mumbo-jumbo...I'm going to TRY to do my own “What I Wore”—Maternity Version. I don't know yet if I will do a weekly post or just random round ups of my favorite stylings. I'm currently in the “fat” stage so I can't begin just quite yet. Today I will leave you with my favorite tips from my last pregnancy and my personal taste guide.

*Side ruched tops are the most flattering. They way they hug your belly and then taper at the bottom rather than tenting over you just looks so much more tidy and crisp.

*I sorta loathe tops/dresses with empire waists, ties, or bows. But, thats just me... I'm drawn to clean lines.

*Accessories make your outfit! This statement is even more true when you are pregnant. I'm not actually a huge accessories wearer (mostly out of laziness) but that was the one thing I probably put the most effort into last time to really feel polished and put together.

*Almost always wear a tank underneath your top. 1: it helps smooth your figure 2: it will cover your belly in case your top happens to raise up. 3: it will also cover those jeans you are wearing that you can't button ;-)
(I do NOT like to see a belly hang out –unless of course you are rocking a bikini while prego... Which, in that case, I'm totally supportive of! YOU GO GIRL!)

*A belt above your belly is such a great way to dress up your outfit. Additionally, it will separate your boobs and belly which somewhere around the third trimester just start to blob together. Lovely image right?? :-)


**We find out the gender on Valentine's Day!!! Yay! Best valentine ever!!!
(Turkey: Also, some roses would be nice...HINT HINT!!)

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