What we have done:

I've been way too distracted lately and not had enough energy or time to spend on the things I enjoy doing when I have free time. I hope now, as holidays have passed and we are settling back into a regular schedule around here that I can become re-energized and devoted back to my blogging and pick up where I left off with my “to-be” Etsy shop. We've spent a total of two weeks back home for holidays and for Nuggets birthday, my sisters baby shower, and to meet my best gal's newborn baby girl. It's been SO BUSY but all really happy good things to be so busy with!
Could I be more obsessed with Nugget girl's cake? Adorbs!

Can't freaking wait to meet Fancy Chicken's baby boy!! Only one month-ish to go!!

I still need to add a few details such as knobs and buttons... but this is our home-made washing machine that we built for Miss Nuggets 2nd birthday! 

She now has an almost complete apartment in her playroom consisting of: a Kitchen, washing machine, baby cradle, table and chairs, recliner, & sofa. What more could a 2 year old ask for??

Turkey has been off (between jobs) for a couple weeks, so we have crossed loads of odds and ends off our to-do list. It's about dang time on a few things. My #1 favorite thing (with the help of my dad as well) is FINALLY adding hardware to our kitchen cabinets! I'm in love. I've had a crush on these half moon pulls since we first bought our old house 5 years ago (not sure why we didnt put them in that house) but I'm a smiling & happy gal to see this project done!

What is yet to come:

Project 1

I got 5 of these (The chair on the far right) for a bargain price of 80 dollars from an antique store back home! I couldn't believe they took my low ball offer!! They need sanded and painted to a color of which I cant decide on. Ivory (to match my existing chairs)? Green? Purple? Red?? Oh geez. I've finalized my decision on each of the colors at least once and then at the last second backed out. 2 chairs were supposed to be done and added to the ends of my kitchen table by now. I need to really focus and find clarity on this project! :-)
**Im currently leaning towards purple (shocking, I know ;-) but my runner up choice would be gold.)

Project 2
A big girl bed and bedding for my nugget girl. I have found the PERFECT bedding but need to decide if we want to go the toddler bed route or a twin bed route. Tough decisions. ;-) Again, I need to just spend more then 5 seconds thinking about this so I can actually make a real decision.

Project 3
The new baby's room! We are aprox. 1 month away from knowing if we will be doing a pink & leopard print room or a blue, green, & brown, guitar themed room! Boy or Girl....we shall see!!!

Project 4
Grow a real baby bump, find places to go, and dress up... so I can do my maternity version “What I Wore.”
But for a few of you who keep requesting, here is what this baby has done to 
my body so far:

I really hope to not swell up as much as I did with my last pregnancy so I'm trying to nip this in the bud by eating cucumbers, grapes and watermelon as much as possible. (I've heard these help keep swelling down.) So far, I've gained less weight then last time and was way less sick this time. It's so interesting how each pregnancy feels so different. I wonder why?

So thats what has been goin on in this chicken "Kewp". Hopefully I'll stop falling off the face of the earth and can settle back into my old routines. But for now I leave you with a ...Cluck cluck!


  1. Love everything that is going on! Can't wait for the kids to come play with the washer!!! And I think your little belly popped since I saw you last!! xoxo

  2. "The bump" is adorable (and I'm so excited!!!), those chairs are fab, THAT CAKE looked amazing, and the look on the nuggets face while she's opening presents, priceless!!! Love it!