All Because of an Oreo...

My first pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing with the exception of bronchitis in the first trimester and a round of the stomach flu at 37 weeks. To make matters worse, after being admitted to the hospital TWICE in a 24 hour period and finally given an Ambien I woke up the next day to pants full-o-shiz. Yep. I was knocked out so hard that I crapped my pants. Other then the pants of poo and coughing that lasted months I was rock solid. I felt normal. Had no other “side effects.” It went really well. I was thankful for feeling like myself the whole time.

Skip ahead a couple years and here I am... knocked up again. This time, so far, no crazy illness. THANK GOODNESS...but there is still time! However, this pregnancy proves to have dumped a cargo ship's worth of hormones on me. Ranging anywhere from irritabilty, extreme laughter, and the standard crying...I'm experiencing it all. Not only that, I find that I have to brace myself to blow my nose for fear of peeing myself...When I laugh I nearly pee myself- and on occasion I do a little. I just feel like this kid is gonna pop right out if I sneeze without squeezing my legs together. My lack of effort in tightening my mid section and lower body muscles after baby #1 is proving to be a mistake. Im pretty sure by the time Im in the 30 week range I will have to wear depends. Luckily, I'm the type of person that finds all these things funny rather than being embarrased or upset. But the real reason I'm writing this is to tell you about last night's incident. I really am not sure I can even accurately describe my reaction/emotion to what happened. But here is my best shot....

I was stuffing my face with Oreos like it was my job. I kept noticing that they all had a small crack in them which made them hard to keep together once dunked in milk but it only meant I had to get my hands dirty to keep them together. I was willing to go to any extent make sure these Oreos ended up in my mouth so my hands getting covered in milk and Oreo residue was the least of my worries. We were watching one of our favorite shows, Whitney, when I lost focus on my Oreo eating technique. And, dammit...wouldn't you know half of the Oreo broke off and sunk to the bottom of my milk. Before I could even process what happened I was sobbing out loud. I'm talking tears and snotty nose crying. I was so OFFENDED that said Oreo would just break and fall to the bottom like that & yet so discouraged about being able to continue eating Oreos in general. (I know..I know..this is TOTALLY INSANE) Only a moment or two passed before Turkey turned to me and in an alarmed voice asked what was wrong. He must have broke my trance of intense anger and offense and I suddenly began laughing....but I was still crying....and crying hard. He just kept looking at me confused and repeatedly asked what was going. I couldn't even stop this laughing & crying hurricane to explain. I really don't even know how this happened. All I can say is I really HOPE this is my pregnancy hormones and that I'm not just going mental for real. As I'm sure you can imagine, once I did finally get settled down enough to tell Turkey, he was, no doubt, speechless.....As am I.



  1. Lord I hope someone is watching out for Nugget. She may pick up some nasty habits. :-) How does Turkey survive?

    1. No worries Mother Hen..Nugget was in bed and missed this whole meltdown. Turkey says he likes all the "excitement" I bring to this house! :-) hahahahah

  2. I had oreos last night too! Minus the psychotic break ;)