Currently Loving:

1. Um... I said I needed more cowbell and more cowbell is what I got!!
This cowbell is amaze-Fest-USA. I seriously cant wait to clean it up and add it to my bookcase.

2. Rachel Ray bakeware is freaking rocking my world. 
      -Its purple. Need I say more? (They have MANY colors to choose from but    I'm doing purple and red to match my kitchen)
      -It has awesome handles making it way easy to remove from oven and not spill sh** everywhere.

Def. Pricey but thanks to my Mama for letting me know when these items go on sale I've snagged a few of these at half price.
Aren't They beautiful!?? I could just look at them all day.

3. Totally played Skee-Ball this past weekend and it was glorious. Best Date Night Ever!

***A HUGE THANKS to Mother Hen & Rooster King for all of the above.***
-the antique cowbell
-hooking me up with sale coupon
-babysitting for our “date”

Additional things I'm loving-

4. This current Season of Fashion Star. I loved last years but this season is organized so much better plus I'm in love with so many of the designs! And even better yet the show stars my girl-Jessica Simpson. Love her.

5. Vitafusion- gummy prenatals. I even have The Turkey taking their mens daily gummy vitamin! These are a GAZILLION times better then swallowing two large horse pills every night.


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