There has been a bit of bedroom updating going on around here lately!!!

Beginning with what we are most proud of is :

Nuggets new and improved “big girl” room! 

We are so proud of how she is growing and maturing into such a fun little girl. As sad as it is to see her grow out of her crib we are equally excited to see her face light up when we call her a “big girl” and to watch her be so excited about her room and new bed.

Her first night in her new bed I officially gave her my very own “Lovey” (my pink teddy bear from when I was a little girl). I really could tell she understood me when I told her it was mine when I was young girl. I told her I wanted her to have Lovey and if she wanted to sleep with it she could. She immediately took Lovey from me gave her a big hug and laid her carefully right beside her pillow. I'm not gonna lie, it seriously melted my heart. she has snuggled and tucked Lovey in every night since.

We snagged her new big girl bed off Craigslist for less than half the price of it brand new!! It goes perfectly with her antique chest of drawers. I'm in LOVE.

we took her to Old Navy to pick out new pj's to wear in her big girl bed. ( I personally was rooting for purple ones with giraffes all over them but I had to keep my opinions in check and remember this whole process was about giving Nugget her independence!) She did select a very cute set though. Her choice actually matches her bed better too. :-)

Bedding was all made by Mother Hen for her little chicken nugget. So cute right?? I searched long and hard for the right fabric. It was important that it felt girly, vintage-like, and a color pallet that flowed with the room. To me, the colors and over-all stripe pattern felt more “old” and vintage like” but looking up close you see each “stripe” contains polka dots that make a chevron-y pattern within the stripes to give a fun & fresh girly touch!

I love vintage/antique items and love to sprinkle them through the whole house. Nugget's room is no exception! Framed vintage barbie and inherited pieces of my grandmothers (quilts, afghan, stunning butterflies etc.) make up most of the accessories in Nugget's room! Some of these items were in her nursery version of her room but with new groupings, placements, and a few new things added in make the whole room feel brand new and look SO different. Its perfect.

Room project #2:
This is only a sneak peak of a few items that we have gathered so far for Rooster Dude's nursery. I'd love to actually go ahead and hang prints & art, dress the crib, and organize the room a bit more but I'm treading lightly. I want to keep all the attention and focus on Nugget's big girl room and her big milestone!! So, until all that hoopla dies down, these fun pieces and others not shown will stay in this pile & put away until it's time to finish his room right before he is born.

I have been in 100% nesting phase for a few weeks already so I really cant even imagine how off the charts I'm going to be when I hit the more generally accepted nesting stage of this pregnancy. I think Turkey Tom is about to shoo me away with all my cleaning/organizing/painting projects I've been requesting his help with lately. Poor guy...he has another 3-4 months of my insanity before this baby comes.

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  1. What you need is some good spring time weather and Nugget wailing to be outside playing. lol that will take your mind off nesting. Yes, Nugget's room looks very fun and gives her 'spirit' room to grow.