Washi Tape & Other Worthless Things...

I love washi tape. I'm the first to admit it. What is HILARIOUS to me though is seeing pins on Pinterest of “Ways/Reasons to use washi tape” or something of that nature. Don get me wrong. I like to read and view these ideas. But, if you really think about it, something is wrong with this picture. We ALL like washi tape-yet it has NO purpose. It lacks purpose so much that now we are all dreaming up “reasons” why we need it. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA But then again, I like my washi tapes so very much that I don't actually like or want to use them. I want to keep it for "special" occasions. Except no occasion is ever special enough. I just love to look at the pretty rolls sitting in a neat little pile.
To make matters worse everything I just said about it lacking purpose is a good blanket statement for most things that I like. Just ask anyone who knows me well... The things I love the very most literally serve no purpose and/or are worthless in the sense of actually benefiting my life.

A few examples:

-I buy pretty gift bags KNOWING that I don't plan to EVER use them. I simply just want them for myself. I have an entire drawer of a filing cabinet full of the ones that are only for me...NEVER TO USE.

-I love to drink with pretty colored straws. OMGOSH...I LOVE straws. But, All this accomplishes is speeding up the wrinkle process around my mouth.

-My best wine glasses-while they obviously have an intended purpose-I don't like them to be used. I want to look only and never touch.

Lastly, my final thought on this “phenomenon” is this: This is not just me. This is not just about washi tape. This is a trait of most women I know. We simply just enjoy silly little things that really cant be explained. Men will never understand because we do not even understand this ourselves. 

(There I went again, using Hashtags when I don't even belong to Twitter. #Worthless)

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  1. Am I the only person who doesn't what you are taking about? What is wahi tape?