What I Wore: Maternity #3


I can't even really put into words how much I loved this outfit...

soooo comfy and so “ME”...

The biggest reason I loved this whole look so much was the bottoms. What an amazing find-THANKS MOTHER HEN!! Let me start by saying I do not recall EVER having bought ANY clothing from Walmart before. -In fact, I LOATHE Walmart but that rant is worthy of its own post... But Walmart is exactly where these bottoms are from. Mother Hen being a good Mama looking out for her pregnant chick spotted these and gave me a heads up to go take a look.

Faded Glory- Color Skinny Jeggings!! Even better yet- $9!! (NOT MATERNITY)

They have a nice selection of colors to choose from- all perfect for spring/summer. (Im going back for red ones just as soon as I can) They are the perfect amount of stretch, have back pockets, and perfect thickness of fabric to really look like “jeans” when on but are super soft to wear. More comfy than actual leggings if you ask me. They fit pretty true to size as far as I can tell Although I'm a little unsure of what real size I am. But I have to give Faded Glory & Walmart a A+ on these. So, if your looking for some comfy colored skinnies for super cheap I def say go give them a try!

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  1. Oh don't get me started clucking about WalMart it will be the post that never ends. . . . Hey that store owes it's shoppers a bargain find once in a while!!!! Glad you like them looks good.