Yoga Pants Update.

What is better than a great pair of basic black yoga pants???...
Maternity yoga pants! Omg!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I lived through one and half pregnancies before buying a pair of these. My life as a pregnant mama has forever changed. You know how when you change out of your nice outfit to sweats and you instantly feel at least 51% happier??? Thats how I felt when I tried on and bought my first maternity yoga pants yesterday. I don't love maternity clothes in general but some things are a must....tanks & tees (so they are long enough and not gapping at the bottom) and certain types of pants. (I can get away with lots of tops these days since so many are flowy anyways and lots of bottoms are available in a super low rise making it a no brainer to spend ½ the cost on regular clothing vs. the overpriced maternity items.)
But anyways, until yesterday, I was unaware that yoga pants would be in the “must buy maternity” category. I couldn't understand how stretchy & amazing yoga pants could be any better.. but they are!

So thats my newest yoga pants revelation.

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