A Yoga Pants Clarification.

After reading a piece from a site/blog that I wont name, I've decided that I need to address my yoga pants obsession in more detail based on this article mainly having to do with “rules” about wearing yoga pants. While I agreed on half or more of views/rules I felt defensive about the others. After stewing on this topic, I've decided that I need to clarify the way in which I wear my yoga pants.

a point was made referencing those who don't actually work out or do yoga... In other words saying wearing yoga pants makes them a contradiction. What I think needs to be clarified is that there are two distinct different yoga pants  wearing styles. There is the athletic look and the actual clothing-ish sort of style. 

I DO NOT wear Lululemon or other “strictly athletic” brands. I admit to owning two pair of Nike yoga pants but find that I hardly ever wear those. Reason for that being is that I am not an athlete and that is NOT my style. As SUPER CUTE as I still find other women in those brands/style with their fun & bright tennis shoes on I just don't feel cute myself in that sort of sporty look. I want to share more what sort of look I'm rockin in the yoga pant department. Basically, look on www.victoriassecret.com and in their yoga section. To be honest, this is actually where I buy the better half of my wardrobe. 

My Style (compliments of victoria's secret)

And this is what I think the particular author of these “rules” is referring to.

I personally don't think you need to “earn” your yoga pants wearing rights by doing a work out that day. What I have to say about EITHER style is this: BOTH are way more flattering and fashionable then sloppy jeans or actual sweat pants for me. I personally don't care what anyone wears at home in the first place nor do I judge them. I know that I feel best about myself if I put on some basic makeup every single day and do my hair most days a week and look "put together"....and for me the looks I listed as my style make me feel the most comfortable while still have a touch of personality to my daily style. It's just who I am. like many others, I have a toddler at home that needs chasing after, played with, and cooked for. It felt unfair to me to say insinuate that my choices are to either be in sweats and tee or dressed to the nines in skinny jeans and blouse while at home only because I didn't squeeze 30 min of yoga into my day.

I mainly write all this today not only as a clarification about my at-home "style" but also to encourage everyone to follow their OWN rules. Not the rules you read on the internet, fashion magazines, or see in the stores. The hairstylist in me always wants women to feel as good as they possibly can about themselves...inside and out. If you look to those outlets for inspiration that is great and that is what they are there for but make sure to be true to who you are and what works for your life.  I L-O-V-E fashion but I H-A-T-E “trends.” I refuse to wear something because its a trend. To all women but especially all you Mamas --Wear what makes you feel good. Plain and simple. If you feel great in big comfy sweat pants then ROCK THEM OUT!! Don't let even me with my passion for yoga pants tell you that you should dress any different. :-)

FInally, in agreement with the "rules" i've been speaking of I do encourage those who like yoga gear to buy the correct size yoga pants and make sure they aren't see through on your behind if you don't wear a long shirt. Please and thank you. :-)

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