Garden Project Part 1

Our small raised garden is in place!! YAY!! We had AMAZEBALLS weather this last weekend making it perfect for our garden construction! Finally spring weather has arrived. L-O-V-I-N-G being outside. We will still need to fill in with more soil but with rain in the forecast early this week we have decided to let it rain and see how much it settles. This way we will know better how much to buy. Then the fun stuff begins... we can start planting!! Lettuce seed will be first on the list since that can go in anytime and then around the end of month we will get our tomato and cucumber plants in. My mouth is watering already at the thought of fresh food. YUM!
trenching the outline for the bed....Nugget was directing the process :-)
driving the stakes...plus who doesn't wanna see a picture of hot man working???
starting to spread soil...Nugget's FAVORITE part 
Nugget STILL playing in the dirt--lets just say we DEF. didn't skip her bath that night.

*****On a totally unrelated note....does anyone else think this picture I found is as amazing as I do? I mean this is good stuff!!


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