Im ashamed and embarrassed that I have been writing this blog for one and half years and am just now starting a beauty series. I mean HELLLOOOO....Im a freaking licensed cosmetologist and I have never really dove into that part of my life on here. I suppose part of it was needing a good rest once I retired to become a stay at home mama. I needed to find my identity outside of being a hair designer. I feel as though I have settled into my new role and finally have put some thought into how I want to bring a beauty series to life on here. 


True Beauty comes from within but your hair is your best accessory. 


So today we are starting light. Im going to share a few of the funniest things clients said to me.

-I was once told that I had blown out her hair too perfectly...and then kindly asked to “make it look worse.” She didn't want her boss to know she got her hair done in the middle of her work day. I'm pretty sure that was the first and last time I ever had a request to make someones hair look “worse”.

-“Do you think it's ok that I color my pubic hair?” …...SAY WHAT???????? I still cant believe I had to have that conversation with a middle aged lady. I honestly have no words...

-“Do you use a Bumpit?” ….Are you kidding me?? If I can't tease my hair to look this good then you really shouldn't trust me with your hair. ..HELL NO I don't use a Bumpit!! hahahahah 
(Teased or as I like to call it "Coiffed" Hair will most certainly be addressed on a later date. Im super passionate about this.)

-This was a common one: “Do you color your hair?” Come on people... YES! Of course I do!!! Can you imagine a hairstylist who doesn't Love to color their hair??

-Lastly, this is one of those situations that you either freak out from frustration or you laugh your ass off inside. I chose to laugh hysterically inside. One of my more “picky” clients actually referred to her layers in actual measured lengths. We are talking down to 1/8 inch references. And if that isn't anal retentive enough of her, she actually whipped out a ruler to measure at one point. I should have gotten an award at the end for the worlds most accurate and precise hair cut.

Those were just a few funny memories I have that I thought might be a good ice breaker to my "Beautified" series. Coming up in the next few fridays you can expect product recommendations, see some of the work I'm most proud of, cut/color/styling ideas, a curling iron size reference guide, and other fun tips....but don't hold me to this too strictly because you never know where the wind will blow me :-)


  1. 1) I'm glad I didn't make it on this list of werid comments lol
    2) I'm very excited about this whole series!
    3) If you need a hair model for coloring/cutting you let me know :)

    1. That would be amazeballs! I will def. be using you as a model for a few things then!