In lieu of this bridal season we are beginning I wanted to share some work that I'm most proud of along with a few bridal tips.

I wasn't always awesome at upwork. In fact I hated it and only knew enough to get by. I was weak in that area and all the pressure of the “big day” made me so nervous. So like anything else in the world you start small. I struggled to find even just a few go-to strategies to get through an updo no matter the hair type and length. But, after many classes and practice I found what worked for me. I started to get comfortable with bridesmaids and general upwork but handling “THE BRIDE” was still something that scared the shizz out of me. Here is where I need to explain that professionally I would set a goal at the beginning of every year. Early in my career it was to perfect my blowouts, and then work on my “retail-product recommendation skills”, and next to master mens work without a clipper in hand....but finally I was moving up in the ranks at the salon and I knew I had one last really weak area....bridal work. I seriously DREADED it. I can't even explain how much my stomach would be in knots every year during bridal season. Every. Single. Saturday. OMG. I would wake up and just feel sick. I HATED IT!!! But being a person who likes to sort of address things head on I knew it was time. I needed to do this for myself and for my career. I had to master upwork. I HAD TO.....

And, I DID! I worked on my skills, and practiced more then you can imagine. I researched countless hours & consulted those who were my role models within the salon. Finally, with a lot of dedication to bridal season of 2009 I  found myself on “the list”. “The list” of few stylists who were authorized to do “The Bride.”

Below are some of my favorite images from the  !!TWO TIMES!! I had the opportunity to have my work published in the Indianapolis Monthly Bride Issue! It really doesn't get much sweeter then this. On a personal level... to see that I conquered and did something few in the industry get to say they did. I actually set “trends” for two different bridal seasons! I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging...I'm just truly this proud of the way I developed my skills and resolved a "fear."

(I couldn't find these in the archives online since its been a few years now so I had to scan these images from my copies...sorry for the less then crisp images)


Bridal/Formal Upwork Thoughts and Tips:

-Consider NOT growing your hair out if you wear it short or NOT wearing it up if you never wear it up. I find that women look the most radiant when they stay true to who they are and what their normal style is. 
**I for instance did NOT wear my hair up to my own wedding because I'm not too much of a ponytail gal. I began with it down in lose curls with loads of volume(left and middle pix) and then fastened it loosely to the side for the reception(far right pic). It was important that I looked like the girl Turkey fell in love with and that i represented my true style: classy comfort.

-Always Always ALWAYS have a practice appointment at least a month ahead of time. Dont expect it to look “wedding day perfect” though..Your stylist needs to use less product so that he/she can experiment through that appointment with you. Finally, if your stylist doesn't take notes and/or pictures you should!

-Be prepared to buy a few clip in extensions if you have your heart set on a certain look. I honestly can't even tell you how much this is necessary to achieve a big voluminous result. Check with your stylist-they will prob custom color them for you to match your color perfectly.

**Here is an example of a style where I used clip in extensions to boost thickness to achieve this 50's wave style for one of my girlfriends. (this look would be almost impossible to achieve on MOST peoples hair without added pieces.
-Do. Not. Be. LATE!!!! Nothing will affect the outcome of your hair like showing up late for your appointment. (This happens so so so so often) We need every second we schedule to style your hair into coiffed perfection. 

I'll leave you all with some of what I found on pinterest recently. Obviously everyone has their own idea of what is stylish and what is "current" but below is what I see as fresh, classy, and wished more women would gravitate towards.

Looks I'm Loving:


  1. Loved this post! I didn't know you were a FAMOUS hair dresser! :)

    1. thanks!!! Yeah...real "famous" lolololol!!!! It's funny how much I once hated this time of year and now I find myself missing it---well, only a little! :-)

    2. my hair is available :) I have a wedding to go to on saturday ;)