List # 15

I'm reading I Just Want to Pee Alone and it's hilarious! I totally recommend if you are like me....sarcastic and find motherhood to be a beautiful disaster....If you think of your kid(s) as “honey badgers” then this book might be for you! Lol!!!!

For years my family has called Mother Hen and The Rooster King's house/land “The Compound”.....I've named my own home “the Roost.” This might have to involve a crafted sign of some sort in my entry way. :-)

I vow from this moment forward to no longer give baby shower gifts in gender specific bags and no longer give wedding gifts in wedding-specific bags. I've been married for almost 5 years and still have more wedding bags then I know what to do with from my own wedding and I'm also stuck with baby girl gift bags galore. (everyone keeps having boys and i've determined that I'll never rid of all these girl bags) I'm a huge believer in re-using gift bags so I'm going to help the world, one gift bag at a time, and never gift “specific” bags from here on out.

My front door “wreath” inspired a quick & free cross addition to my staircase. I simply took 2 paint stir sticks... cut one down...hot glued them together, wrapped it up in burlap, and adorned with a fabulous rose. EASY-PEASY!

I am not a home design professional so maybe this is total “common knowledge” but WTF is with curtains not ever being the length they “Say” they are. I have ordered new curtains for three different rooms since moving into this new house and with our high ceilings we require the 95inch length. NONE of these three have actually showed up to be the full 95inches. They are always at least one inch short. I mean its a simple solution—just moving the rods down a bit but COME ON!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! I know this is the case with lumber often times—it not measuring up to what you think you bought but apparently this is a curtain issue as well. I can't be the only person who is getting pissed off about this, right???

Last but not least....This is my 200th blog post!!! 


  1. WooHoo 200 posts!

  2. I can't tackle curtains, I'm still waiting on someone to explain why a 2x4 really isn't 2"x4". It must be a man thing.