The MANual--it's back!!! Part 3

Lessons learned through our (almost) 5 years of marriage:

1. Men generally don't enjoy their shirts feeling “hard” - Turkey's exact word choice
Basically what I'm saying is you can't just iron their shirts like normal for years and then suddenly decide you want to start starching their shirts. Men don't take well to change and usually take their comfort very seriously. While they looked much better in my opinion I stopped using starch in hurry after I got multiple complaints.

2. Our husbands actually do like to be around us. But notice that I used the phrase “around us.” Quality time to women is being around their spouse while simultaneously interacting. Men would define quality time as simply in the presence of each other while they do what they want. I actually just recently had this particular epiphany. Just when I couldn't stand to listen to another second of sports, I went to our office to work on the blog and sure enough here he comes along with me …..just to turn on the damn TV in there and start watching his sports again. I then proceeded to throw a mini tantrum & told him to get lost. It hurt his feelings. Then we had to talk about it. Now I understand. He just wants me to watch him watch sports. WHAT??????

3. You can get your husband to do just about anything with a good old fashioned bribe. You can't abuse this technique though. You must save it for the things you really REALLY want—dont waste it on, like, taking out the trash....It has to be something good like: painting a whole room or detailing the car. My studies have proven that bribing with food and sex will achieve maximum results.

4. I have been informed that it is “creepy” to hold my hand over his face in the middle of the night to see if he is awake and can see it. So don't do that.

Stay tuned for Part 4 with Mother Hen!


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