The MANual - Part 4 by Mother Hen

Mother Hen here, as per request of Spicy Chicken seeking some knowledge of the things I have learned over the years... Specifically about men. Bahahahahah

I have probably mentioned this before, the male brain is anatomically developed differently than a female, thus there are things that just cannot be understood by females. I have probed this subject with Rooster and what really amazes and confuses me is that he as a male cannot explain it. Example: Why is it rewarding, enjoyable, and necessary to spin tires of vehicle or gun the engine? I cannot say I have ever felt the need or desire to do this for pleasure or entertainment. Nor can I say I have seen other females doing this.

Ever want to have a conversation with your man? You know small talk, anything. Well just pick up a book and start reading. BAM he will start talking. Amazing the things he can think of. Dare you to try this one.

OK, so done talking and revving up your engine and spinning your tires, time for some TV viewing. Someone please explain to me why we have a 52" TV and only ever watch a 6" mini screen in the upper right hand corner. So I ask Rooster this and get, "Oh I'm not watching, I'm searching the viewing guide to see if anything better on". So how long does it take to view 7000 channels? I rest my case. Watching TV.

This one is almost self explanatory. Men like red. For some reason females wearing red triggers something. Again that brain that is wired so differently from us, the color red DOES NOT MEAN STOP to men. It does not mean DANGER, it just means HOT MOMMA and pursue target :-)

I recently also recognized why men do not have children. It may involve pain and medications. It has been known for centuries that men cannot do pain, so this subject needs no further discussion. Now the medication is another subject. Hydrocodone to be specific. Seriously, when the warning label says 'may impair thinking or reactions, may cause dizziness' as the first three side effects take it seriously. Rooster had a week of cough medication with Hydrocodone and that was a painfully long week. Spicy chicken was visiting and observed first hand. We had the same conversation numerous times, actually numerous times the same day!!! Really would you want to have children in their care like that?

Cluck Cluck, Mother Hen needs some fresh air to clear my head after thinking about all this heavy information.

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  1. The hydrocodone thing is not an exaggeration. As my fabulous Mother Hen pointed out- I was there for the better part of that dreadful week and The Rooster King was every bit as looney tunes as Mother Hen described. YIKES.