Would You Rather Time!!!

-Would you rather wear baby onesies for the rest of your life or granny clothes?

-Would you rather never have access to TV again or never have access to internet again?

-Would you rather chronically have bloody noses or heartburn?

-Would you rather move once a year for the rest of your life always into really nice houses or never ever have to move again but be stuck in your first apartment?

-Would you rather walk a mile on a country road in the middle of gorgeous fields or a mile in fabulous New York City?

My Answers:
-never have TV
-I'm torn on this but I think I'm gonna go with moving constantly.
-Again, I'm torn. Depends on the day...but think I'm going to say NYC.

1 comment:

  1. *onesies totally (they are so tiny and cute)
    *no tv (hello you can watch tv shows on the internet)
    *heartburn (bloody noses are gross)
    *move constantly, my 1st apartment was a shit hole
    *HELLO NYC (someday....)