This is hard subject...mostly because its hard for me to determine a starting and stopping point and how to not overwhelm you with detailed tips and steps on backcombing. Back combing is so much more complicated then meets the eye. In fact, its an art. And, I truly do mean that. Its all about solid structure and flawless shape to a hair designer. Its the foundation for a perfect style balancing head and face shape. But enough about all that. I seriously geek out over perfectly coiffed hair and could bore you all to death with my intense feelings. I want/need to focus on everyday hair for everyday people. I think most of you get the general idea of backcombing or teasing and based on my research there are lots of tutorials out there. But, none of them seemed to address two crucial (in my opinion) steps in creating a coiffed bump! Today I want to share with you all those two important tips to help at you have more success at home.

To begin, let me outline three general sections of the head that everyone should be working with.
1. The mowhawk section 
2. & 3. the small sections on each side of the mowhawk section are your parietal ridges. (see the diagram below)

You should begin a few inches into your hairline in the top mowhawk section. Taking aprox. 1 inch subsections working from front to back connecting every single subsection. after you finish the mowhawk section don't forget to add a little oomph to each parietal ridge. this is what really rounds out and connects the whole style around the shape of your head.
  • Connecting each subsection is my #1 tip to getting a solid and smooth “bump” without any seperations. --You all know what I'm talking about when there is a hole in someones backcombing!
  • My #2 tip is to use the exact same number of backcombing strokes in every single subsection. Consistency in the number of strokes is what gives you a solid even base.
You can take as many subsections in each section as you want. Just a few for a little daytime-lift or follow the mowhawk down to the nape of your neck for huge nightime glamour! The key is consistency and a strong method no matter what. Follow the road map. You can't just start picking up random chunks of hair and teasing it and then expect it to all blend nicely. It won't.

I hope this short video will give you a visual and better understanding of the two points I described above.


I'd like to leave you with a product recommendation:  Aquage Uplifting foam
There is nothing better on the market in my opinion. Ive used so many brands and types and nothing holds without feeling too sticky or leaving an awful buildup like Uplifting foam--or any aquage products for that matter. This is a MUST HAVE!! The skinny spray nozzle makes it so easy to apply directly from bottle to hair partings without having to rub it all over your hands and then have the whole struggle of trying to avoid getting it on your ends--which is not where mouse belongs. It's easy peasy to apply directly to the intended areas near the scalp. Then simply work in with finger tips and blow dry! Think of your hair like fabric. silk for instance would never make a great structured jacket, right? Well, no one's hair is the right "fabric" for all styles...and especially those involving volume and defined shape. You need a good product to change the fabric you are working with. A strong product like uplifting foam is going to change your hair from silk to satin.

Finally, just for fun, here is a look at what sort of backcombed looks really get me excited :-) I rocked these looks daily when i still worked!

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