Backyard Summer Survival Guide ...with a toddler!

Backyard Summer Survival

While enjoying the most beautiful morning outside with lil Nugget I felt compelled to compile a “cant live without” list for backyard playin!
  1. Spray sunscreen is the shiz for wiggly jiggly toddlers who would never sit still to have actual lotion rubbed on. So much less mess, by the way.
  2. Crocs. Thats right. Not seen as the most “fashionable” choice in the world but so so practical. We couldn't live without crocs for the Nugget. No drying time when they get wet, they dont stain, more protection against stubbed toes then flip flops offer, and best of all they are just so easy. From very little on kiddos can put them on themselves. These are MUST BUY for backyard playing in our house.
  3. Buckets! Tons and tons of buckets. You will never have too many buckets. As long as you pay your water bill and have endless amounts of water you can never go wrong with a good collection of buckets to fill up and dump out and then repeat that process 150 million times a day.
  4. Cutie sunglasses!!! --for obvious reasons.
  5. Under Armour makes the best t shirts ever for kiddos. They wick water/sweat away and dry super fast. They are really light weight and breathable for those hot sunny days. I will admit on the pricey side for “play clothes” at $18/shirt...but after weekly wearings last summer, I can say they really maintain their shape and color with very little signs of wear. Luckily, we bought big last year and Nugget still fits in it as well as this amazeballs new one (displayed above) we purchased this year. Good investment pieces if you can swing it.
  6. A good book for Mama!!! If you have an independent player, like I do, outside time is a great opportunity to do a little light reading! 

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