Beauty: Mexico Style. --By Mother Hen

Exfoliating Skin:

Rooster King and I recently returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. Anyone knowing the usual weather in Southern Indiana will know we cover up in October thru May. By that I mean we wear long pants, long sleeves, socks, gloves. So here we are in sunny Mexico in late April.  white skin!!! everyone shield your eyes! Really, seriously, I have SPF 15, 30, & 100. Very responsible of me, right? Well irregardless of how impressed you now are of me I did manage to get some sort of skin burn. I am not convinced it all came from the sun as there is a constant breeze blowing near the ocean. My skin simply didn't 'feel' like the standard burn, rather I simply itched. Trust me here I have had years of experience with skin burns. So by day two I have a very ripe tomato look going on the front of my arms and legs including the tops of my feet. Yep, I was sitting, so back side was still nice Indiana white. Rrrrrrrr
I did attempt on following days to get some sun/air to the back half of this beach babe body. Always under the palm umbrellas - remember responsible here. (Secretly just too freaking hot in the direct sun). As expected the skin started to break apart and I could have been a cousin to the iguanas scampering around as I pealed off top layer. Bye Bye sun tan.
This is considered a complete 'exfoliation' via Mexico.


I did my complete best to stay hydrated as well. Oh thank you beach boy for my steady flow of Tequila Sunrise. Side Note: I think tequila makes me sleepy for I had no trouble dozing off for a nap be it AM or PM. Or, maybe it was from all the breeze blowing my eyes just got dry so I closed them.

Remove Toxins:

Another very healthy thing to consider is remove toxins from you body. You hear quite a lot about this with regard to the movie stars however there is usually is court order involved, aka drying out. I found another way to achieve this. What is better than some wholesome fresh air and sunshine and a walk? Well put that thought on steroids. I'm sure you have heard of zip line. We all know it is done high up in the air from point A to point B and to make it work need start at the highest point. Now I knew all of this however, I failed to consider just how you get to point A. OMG a walk/climb up a sandy-rocky mountain in Mexico didn't even hit my radar. I kid you not I thought for a brief period I would die from the climb never mind the zip line. My legs burned, my lungs burned, my skin burned, my nose ran like a faucet, sweat popping out like a chain gang railroad worker!!! I wasn't sure if I should just whine to see if I could get mercy from anyone but wait. . . everyone was in front of me. Dead last they didn't seem to notice my suffering. At one of the rest stops the guide teased me I should quit smoking. Are you kidding man? I don't smoke! I am not overweight, however this body is a complete stranger to exercise of this type!! I am fairly certain any alcohol and or toxins in my body poured out through my skin that day. I was completely enthralled with the zip line experience. Will admit thou I could not bring myself to do the repelling off the side. Please tell me who or why they discovered you can push yourself off a mountain backwards, yes backwards with a rope attached and survive to call it fun/exciting. One look down that mountain and I just wasn't feeling I needed to scratch that off my bucket list just yet.

Healthy Eating:

This will be short - just eat nearly everything in sight. Fresh pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, kiwi, avocado. The key here is 'moderation'. I had heard from a very reliable source (correct me if I am wrong here Turkey) that over eating fresh delicious guacamole will lead to a pretty 'thorough' cleansing as well as requiring two rolls of toilet paper.

I recommend everyone try to work in a beauty trip to Mexico, after all you need to take great care of your health and you will be rewarded with a beautiful you!

-Mother Hen

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