Checkin in with Mother Hen.

It's An Official Map Quest Address

I received this beauty for Mother's Day from little Spicy Chicken and family. I couldn't wait to hang this up next to my semi-ailing Hen & Chick pot. Now any motorists going by will never have to guess if they are at the right destination. OK so maybe no motorists will stop by wondering but at least all my little chicks will know they have come home under the wing of Mother Hen; and of course Rooster King fluffing his feathers strutting protection from all evil.

Love all my chicks and chick a doodles.


I felt compelled to share this latest addition I found in Rooster King's barn. Yes, you guessed it... left from last weeks yard sale. Try as he might he could not get this little jewel sold. So while loading the 'remaining stock' aka leftovers to take to donate, this made it's way home. Now, I ask all you hard core yard sale junkies does he have the talent for finding another life for items? A man giving up space on his workbench is like a woman moving her shoes to store something semi-useless like luggage or something. (We all know luggage belongs on Rooster's side of the closet)

I am thinking maybe Rooster may add yard sales to his bucket list. I mean it's almost like a part time job or something. He could use all his extra income for oh let's say. . . . a loaf of bread, or a candy bar. Bahahahahahahah


A Freezer Files P.S. - You all by now know my family has taken great delight in poking fun at me for my 'freezer' stashes . . .right??? So just last night I am at Fancy Chickens house spending the night to chick-sit newest hatched today. In gathering my necessities for my overnight bag I decide I need a little sugar. So as I pass thru garage to car I stop and grab a bag of cookies from garage freezer. I made my drive and arrive in time to have a little bedtime snack. I whip our my bag of cookies and offer one to Fancy Chicken and her Rooster only to hear. . . .oh yum. I am somewhat surprised as I myself haven't tried these cookies yet. She proceeds to explain. Last weekend while I was at work Spicy & Fancy are home alone. Fancy questions if Mother Hen may have some cookies around, Spicy promptly perks up saying probably and heads to the freezer returning with cookies for each. Treasure found!! What do you think will happen one day when they scour all the freezers and find nothing of interest? Could create something of a national incident or they may whisk me off to be examined by a doctor knowing something drastic is wrong with me.
Over and out, Mother Hen.

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