Growing our Garden.

Our first garden is coming along beautifully. Over the past month we have gotten everything planted and been doing our due diligence watering it. Lettuce- the first to go in is doing beautifully!!
Tomatos- We tried two different types of tomato plants to see which thrives more for us. Looks like so far both types are doing great. Growing big and strong. 
Cucumbers- Our climbing cucumber plant got a little beat up between purchasing back home and then the car ride before it ever went in the ground. The jury is still out on that little guy. But, to be safe we tried some cucumber seed (left over from our neighbor) and its starting to pop out of the ground. I can't wait to see which (seed or plant) cucumbers do the best for us! 
Green Pepper- Our neighbors also had a leftover green pepper plant they gave us so we just stuck that lil guy in the ground about a week ago as well. 

Our expectations aren't real high for our first summer. This is more our “lets see what works out” summer for our garden. We will be thrilld to have ANY successes this year to eat on but mostly hoping just to take good notes and gain experience for next summer.

Can't wait to see how this impromptu green pepper guy does for us!

I still can't believe we found purple cages!! Highlight of this whole garden experience :-)


  1. Looking good, might want to thin that lettuce out it looks a little thick. Also the cucumbers little close but everything looks good. Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks...we didn't expect everything to come up that well and thick.