Im not going to lie, my inspiration for this whole Beautified series came from my pet peeve of seeing hair curled wrong. When I say “wrong” I mean curled too tight or way too lose....mostly too tight though. I mean all this as nicely as possible. It's just, when you curl your hair too tight it looks very juvenile on an adult. So, I put together general guidelines of what to expect from the most common curling iron sizes. If you dont see short hair represented as an example thats because I wouldn't recommend that size iron on that length hair. 

A Few Quick Tips:

*Always curl the front sections away from your face. It makes it flow back and wrap into curls behind it. Curling towards the face, again, will result in a juvenile style.

*Each section you curl should only be as wide as the size iron you are using. If you are using a 1 inch iron then each section should be aprox. 1 inch wide/long.

*Curl every section the same direction to make it all flow into big soft curls --OR--Rotate which way you curl each section to keep them from interlocking and create a bigger, piecey, curlier look!

*I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of the Hot Tools brand. Most of their irons run from $40.00-$50.00 depending on where you get them. They are carried many places from Ulta, JcPenny, or folica.com and trust me, they are worth their price tag. In the 6-7 years I spent doing hair professionally, I don't think I ever had to replace one. They are good quality metal that glides over your hair smoothly with very little damage. They have an excellent variety of heat control settings. I personally crank the iron all the way up and curl quickly. I think high heat seals a better curl but if you doubt your quickness then turn that setting down a bit to avoid burning or damaging your hair.
** Don't get ambitious and try to use a marcel unless you are experienced and confident with one. Just stick with the spring loaded. While you will get the most stunning and controlled results from a marcel, it takes a lot of coordination and practice to do it correctly and without burning yourself! In case you aren't aware of the difference: a marcel lacks the spring in a traditional iron and also works in reverse. (You should have seen me in beauty school trying to master the marcel iron. LOL!!!) 

*1 inch and 1 1/4 inch are the two most common & versatile sizes. 

I hope this quick reference guide helps you all at home visualize what your results will likely be using different sizes! Remember all hair types curl a bit differently and also depending on what products are being used. 


This concludes what will be my initial run of my Beautified series. I hope to run another 5-6 weeks of it after this summer & having a baby :-) I hope that it provided some helpful hints, inspiration, and entertainment. 


  1. RE: the wave iron - LOVE the look on first day but OMG "my" hair does not cooperate and allow a second day on this. I am jealous you can go 2+ days with this look. I seriously look like I had a really bad all night bar hopping hair thing going on when I get up next day.

    1. MOST people can not get more then one day out of any look. I'm very abnormal. Sorry to burst your bubble. :-) 2nd day is when you put it all up! LOL

  2. Um I have never owned or used a curling iron in my life.....looks like I need one

    1. I literally CANT EVEN BELIEVE THIS!!! YES..you def. need a curling iron. I actually enjoy curling irons 10x more then a flat iron! I'll take you to my professional supply house where you can get one for half off retail price. ;-)