Rooster Dude's Nursery!!

Rooster Dude's nursery is SO CLOSE to being done!! I just can't even wait another second to share the progress. The only thing missing is the rocker chair and ottoman which are to be delivered later this week or early next!!

Of course, like two VERY mature adults, we like to live through our children and make their rooms something we secretly want. ;-) So, when Chicken Nugget came along I went all out with purple...and as she got her big girl room I channeled more of a vintage feel with Barbie accents. I wont lie, I pretend this is actually my room. Next thing we know we have a lil guy coming our way and The Turkey proclaims that he wants his boy to have sort of a sporty room. But, after much research and talking it over we both sort of decided that sports (football to be specific) was just SO OVER DONE. We just couldn't get excited over it. From there we moved on to one of Turkey's other passions and that would be music and guitars. We both immediately fell in love with this idea. Of course, I spent ridiculous amounts of time shopping on Etsy and luckily found that I was in luck. Totally cute guitar blankets/bedding were available. I'm talking some really cute stuff. I was officially locked in on this “theme.” Between things I found on Etsy and my best friend helping me customize a few prints for the room this was all coming together easily for me! You will notice in the photos we only opted for only a guitar print blanket and not a real bedding set. I feel like all the pieces in a set don't get used enough serve a real purpose and also I don't enjoy things being all matchy-matchy...blah blah blah. It was such a fun room for me to put together as it stretched my girly comfort zone. We found our focus by using Turkeys favorite bands and songs as sources for accent piece inspiration. Some of my favorite things are the guitar case used as toy storage, Eagles (turkey's fav. Band) sheet music that we mod-podged to a painted canvas & the old guitar hung on the wall. Mother Hen had that beauty laying around in her attic just waiting for a perfect purpose just like this! The ducky lamp was mine as baby/kid. It's super important to me to include “special” pieces in my children's rooms. Since Im clearly a girl, this was about the only thing I had that would be at all appropriate for my lil dude.
So without further ado, here are the pix of his finished room minus the chair:

 Last, just imagine this fab chair + ottoman sitting under these framed prints.


  1. Looking totally fun. Good work team!

  2. Looks amazing, now I can't wait to meet this rooster dude!!