Semi-Boring & Cheap-Turned One of a Kind CHIC!

This is one of my new favorite things. Taking advantage of cheap or clearance clothing that I wouldnt normally buy and then adding my own embellishments to make them so so cute and totally one of a kind. I obviously took hair accessories into my own hands a year or more ago but now I'm really getting into her clothing as well. (be on the look out for some fun toddler shirts and onesies in my etsy shop down the road!!--possibly fall??) Two great examples I'm showing today are dresses that were under 5 dollars each. The embellishments were made specifically for each piece but I generally just keep things on a pin to make laundering much easier and the ability to use on another piece should I want later on. Even if you dont have any interest in making embellishments by hand, like I do, you can find TONS of flowers and other fun things at almost any craft store that you too can spruce up plain clothes!

Girls (baby or toddler) Dress Buying Tip:
Buy dresses in the largest acceptable size on your little one and then as they technically out grow them you can them treat them as tunic tops with leggings underneath. So far, I can generally get two summers out of dresses this way.


  1. Oh good lord you are turning into Mother Hen. . .lol I think we are "economic specialists"

    1. ooooh!!! I like that. That is def. gonna be part of my job/life title....Spicy Chicken- Creative Director of my family & Economic Specialist