Summer Is almost here people!!! We are officially in May which means for most of us that the temps are rising and wardrobe and hair are changing! Today I'm hitting on some summer tips and trends.

Keeping your hair squeeky clean:
Chlorine or even just a sweaty day outside will do a number on your hair. Make sure once every week or two to give your hair a deep clean. 1tsp of baking soda mixed into your shampoo. Brunettes- be conservative on this trick. Baking soda will lighten your hair color if you do this too often.

Let's get rid of our phobia of “frizz”
Its so natural and summery in small doses. 

What really looks bad is when you fight it and get it anyways vs. just embracing it and making part of your style by adding waves and using a great texturizing product to “enhance” it, if you will.

**Check out: Aquage sea salt texturizing spray (one of my favorites)

Protect your investment:
We dont drop $100 + every month just to let the sun FRY our hair. Use an SPF spray to combat color fading and burning your scalp!! It's an insurance policy for your hair color! 
DID YOU KNOW???--The scalp is one of the leading spots to get skin cancer! be sure to protect your hairline/partline ladies!! Luckily, so many types of products contain SPF in them these days. 

**Check out: Shiseido refreshing sun protection spray for body & hair (spf 16)

i'm crazily against wearing a ponytail day in and day out. Not only is it so unbelievably hard on your hair and causes ridiculous breakage, its just makes no sense to me to have long hair if you only ever put it up.) BUT...I totally know there are hot summer days that require it be up. So spice it up! Add a fun headband, braid, or little texture to it.

**Check out: www.sweatybands.com for a more structured casual headband with a little extra grip on the back for fine haired gals! We used to sell these at the salon and I loved them!

No need to completely change your color but make small adjustments to spice it up. Ombre is still hot as ever.

You can either fully commit or if you are more conservative, ask your stylist to balayage just a few lighter pieces in the front for some sunkist ends!

And, if your REALLY adventurous, try out some dip dyed ends!! While I wouldn't personally have my own hair dip dyed, I think its SUPER fun for someone who is young and trendy!!

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  1. So does Sea Salt Texturizing Spray mean I can let my hair air dry and look better than my usual beach head? Why haven't I known about this before?