The Weekend.

What a beautiful long weekend spent back home. The laughter felt endless (as always with my family)... Watching Nugget play and run free at “The Compound”...loads of kisses & snuggles with my baby Godson... sister time -always the best... and ATTEMPTING to sell my trash as someone else's treasure...& visiting 2 great friends and their babies all made this past weekend so full and fun. Being back home, sun shinning, getting the opportunity to see both Turkey and I's mothers and feeling so so loved by my own lil nugget and hubs made Sunday- Mother's Day especially joyful and happy.
These pictures say a thousand words :-)

Now, I need to address this “yard sale” we had. I previously mentioned that “owning” a yard sale was my “goal in life” as a kindergardener. I clearly had no idea what the hell I was talking about. Way to shoot for the stars! ;-) haha

Lessons I learned from fulfillng this life long “dream”:

-Having a yard sale sucks ass.
-I never want to spend that much time pricing things that I consider crap again.
-It was not worth all the energy and effort of gathering, pricing, and hauling 3.5 hours back home.
-Next time I will donate and get a receipt to claim on taxes.
-Don't have a yard sale on a cold, windy, & slightly rainy day. UGH! 
-Do bring The Rooster King along for he is not ashamed to wheel and deal with ANYONE. 
-having a yard sale with my family was crazy hilarious. this was the biggest perk of it al.

Top 5 moments from the day:

1. Telling everyone the last two hours that everything was half off. You would have thought I was handing out hundred dollar bills. People seriously were WAY TOO EXCITED and bought the S**T out of stuff then!

2. Getting asked if we had any cat magazines for sale. WHAT??????? Who has cat magazines? I truly believe that only through God did I have enough strength to calmy respond with a straight face. We did not have any cat magazines... but damned if she didn't find a cat folder in our “home interior” department that no one even knew was over there. She actually told her husband THREE times to hold onto that folder and not lose it because it was “important”.

3. Cat lady complimenting a man on his tie dye wolf t-shirt. (It was no doubt from the early 90's) This t-shirt looked something like this:

4. Hearing Mother Hen and Fancy Chicken say that really this white hat should either be thrown away or given away free...and then next thing I know, them putting it on my head and telling me that "somehow I pull this hat off."
What does this say about me??? YIKES. 

5. The Rooster King trying to give away a whole box of stuff for FREE and getting turned down. Priceless, people...priceless. "it was insulting" he says about that particular instance. BAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA


  1. I like the "fancy" yard sale sign ;)

  2. Oh yes Amber, we did have the 'best' for our sale! lol Seriously laughing my a** off about to wet my pants reading this. It really was as described above. We considered trying to find a trash service to make an emergency Saturday pick up or just go home leaving what was left maybe we would get lucky and it would be picked 'shopped' over using a giant FREE sign. Oh no wait. . that didn't work for Rooster King so we were either forced to box it up or get arrested for littering a public park. We opted for boxing and donating the remaining treasures. Now besides all the good family time the other GIANT bonus of this sale is the extra space the attic and closets have. Good work family! Mother Hen