What I Wore: Maternity #8

Ok, ok!! I promise I'll try to wear something other then maxi skirts...but they are just too cute, right?? I swear I'll try to make this my last one....or maybe one more ;-) 

32 weeks & baby is head down. There is light at the end of the tunnel. :-)

  • Yes, I do like to make the Nugget match me. I have no shame in admitting it. She will only put up with this for a short period more so I'm taking advantage before she thinks I'm just lame Mom.
  • Also, Nugget clearly knows her style. She admired my skirt all morning. That's my girl!

*Basic Soprano brand white tank layered over another white tank. (**layers just really smooth all the lumps and bumps that one has at this point in pregnancy...like a belly button sticking out, ahem)

*Ultra Amazeballs maxi skirt purchased at the same local boutique as my last purple chevron skirt. I'm soooo diggin shades of aqua-tealy-green right now. 

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