Full Term. 37 Weeks. Fully Cooked + My New Mommy Must Haves!

We made it! We are full term! It is INSANE to think he could come anytime now! I had Nugget at 37.5 weeks which just really freaks me out to be honest...but I think he is gonna chill for a bit yet if I had to guess. This has been a great & easy pregnancy with much less sickness. (knock on wood- there is still time. EEEK!) Now, I'm just saying my prayers for a safe & easy delivery and to end up with a healthy happy baby in my arms.
37 wks. with Rooster Dude (I'm def. bigger this time around)
37 wks. with Nugget

We are in the throws of finishing up all those last minute things...

-We installed the carseats Sunday and finally began packing our bags. (I'm trippin out over the back seat being filled with TWO carseats now!) I've designated a bin for each child in both cars to help stay organized and keep my diaper bag/purse light. Nuggets consists more of snacks and some toys. Roosters is filled with extra diapers, wipes, burp cloths, extra clothes. I know it will take me a minute to have a good handle on how to juggle two kids so I'm trying to be proactive and get organized with all that kind of stuff ahead of time.

-I'm in the middle of making my “before we leave for the hospital checklist.”

-Nuggets “big sissy gift” from Rooster has been purchased and packed.

-I'm 80% done putting together a “Nugget survival bin” for who ever ends up caring for her during our time at the hospital. While its certainly not the most stressful situation, it IS much more complicated this time around preparing for everything since we have a toddler to think about. I want to make sure whoever she is with knows her general daily schedule, medicine doses for her weight- should she be sick, favorite shows/movies, favorite foods/snacks etc. I want to make sure she is as comfortable as possible with us away as well as make life easy on whoever cares for her.

It's all coming together. :-) This pregnancy went SO FAST but I think each day I'm more and more ready to be a mom to TWO! 

With this being my second time around the block I've learned a thing or two about what we are about to embark on.  Some tips and suggestions that serves as some inspiration for a "Mommy Must Have's" board I've put together for any first time prego gal out there who needs to know what to take to the hospital. Some of these were my favorites from last time and some of these are "lessons learned" from last time!!! ;-)

Mommy Must Haves!

Mommy Must Haves! by valrose featuring a body moisturizer

1. Nursing Tanks. These are the BOMB! I used these most of my time nursing last time. Nursing tanks instead of bras were suggested to me by a co-worker when I was pregnant with Nugget and I have to say these were the way to go for me. I had some CRAZY over production of milk and struggled with engorgement for a solid month or more. There was NO WAY in hell I could even handle having a regular bra on during that time. It just hurt way too bad. Secondly, these tanks are just really comfy to lounge around your house when no one is around and no need for another shirt over the top. Makes for easy access!

2. Nursing pads. (Lansinoh brand are the best ones in case anyone wants my opinion) You know they say most first time mama's milk doesn't come in for 3 -5 days??? yeah well, like I said before, I was producing milk like a boss and my milk was in full throttle around the 32-34 hour mark after having Nugget. Like an IDIOT did not have these packed last time because I didn't dream I would need them yet!
#Lesson Learned

3. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream. Total must have if you are going to breastfeed. My nipples nearly died until I began using this last time. I did NOT have this with me at the hospital and it seriously saved my poor boobies when I finally got home and was able to use it. In fact, you can apply this leading up to delivery to “prep” your nips. This was actually #1 on my list for packing this time. I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!

4. Belly Bandit! I used this with Nugget and LOVED it. I'm totally not gonna lie and admit that I bought it because Kourtney Kardashian endorses this. It is a support band you wear around your tummy that helps shape, reform, and support your loose belly afterwards. I actually really do think this helped a lot and forced those muscles not to sag. I wore this probably 16 hours a day for the first few weeks until I (thankfully) shrunk out of it. I know a few people I have passed this recommendation on to and they too have had good results from it! It's not cheap (aprox $60 depending on which one you buy) but a good investment! (just for the record I have the exact one shown in the picture, The bamboo one which is really very soft and comfortable to have on)

5. Camera. DUH, right? Everyone has cameras on their phones which is awesome but if you want good quality photos (which trust me you do) you will want to make sure you take a nice camera with you. Phone pix don't always print well if you decide you want some of them printed and framed in your house. While we DID have our camera along, my two favorite photos were taken with our phones and lets just say I'm less then happy with the quality of them once they were printed :-(
#Lesson Learned

6. Covergirl Intense shadowblast. I'm NOT a fan of Covergirl in general but I do really enjoy this shadow. I love the shimmer and ease of the application since it comes with its own wand. No need to pack a brush with your shadow. You will want something quick and easy. I discovered this shortly after I had Nugget and has been a staple for me ever since. As a mom we need all the quick makeup shortcuts we can get and this one does the trick!
I didn't wear hardly any makeup when I was in the hospital last time. HOLY MOLY. #Lesson Learned. I look back now and feel like I look AWFUL! I most certainly will be taking my entire makeup bag this time. Some of you will say thats Vain of me..but in my defense, my heart and soul is in the beauty industry. Makeup to me is like coffee to the rest of the world. I wear it daily.

7. A favorite scent. This was totally unintentional last time but ended up being so special. A friend of mine had given me the “guava" scented Korres body wash and lotion for christmas right before I had nugget and for some reason I saved it and never used it until I was at the hospital. To this very day just the smell of these products warm my heart and take me back to such a special time in my life. I have chosen to take the exact same products this time. Korres is fairly expensive so they are NOT daily products for me..which is what makes it so special when I DO decide to use my Korres products. I just love that the smell of a body wash and lotion can make me smile so much.

8. IPAD....or whatever sort of entertainment you want. You will want something. Movies, ipad, laptop...whatever you like. I started to feel “couped up” and needed to be on the internet and feel connected to the world while I was in the hospital. Plus, keep in mind most newborns sleep like 20 hours a day. I mean you can only just stare at them for so many of those hours! Hahahaha

My finaly tip that isn't displayed above is just something to think about. Who all do you have planning to visit? Do you have TONS of family? I say this because we sort of let it be a Free for all last time which ended up being very busy and overwhelming. If you are learning to nurse for the first time it takes patience and lots of time. Because of such a steady flow of visitors I felt rushed and exhausted. My suggestion and plan of attack for this experience is this: Family is welome ANYTIME. For all other friends who want to stop by we will most likely be setting a window of time each day and telling all friends those exact times they are welcome. Last time we let others schedules dictate ours which led to rushed showers, no time to eat, and worst of all stress about nursing quickly so friends could come ahead in. It's just something to think about :-)

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