In efforts to stay active on here having limited time to write with a newborn, I have decided to start a new Sunday/Monday weekly post of “LIFE | PHOTOS.” Even though lil Rooster Dude hasn't made his arrival yet I wanted to go ahead and begin. Even as I (impatiently) wait for his big debut we are living some of the most special days of our lives right now. These are the last days as a family of three. The last days of of a 2:1 ratio...the last days of strictly tutu's, barbies, and baby dolls. We are trying to soak it all in. It has been a really fun last week of "three" for us. 
Rainy Day + Playing with Dad = Fort Fun (or as she calls it her "house")
Being prego for 9 months totally deserves new & fun post pregnancy yoga pants. LOVE.
Zoo fun while Mama tried to walk this baby out!

My little "helper" making pizzas for dinner!

Who has the best husband ever?? This girl right here!! :-) Even though Rooster Dude ins't here yet, the Turkey decided to surprise me with this huge wine rack filled with 36 bottles of my FAVORITE wines as a push present. I CANT WAIT to pop a bottle later this week!


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  1. Did I read somewhere in Baby the 1st Year book about the recommended serving size of wine???? No I didn't think I read it there. lol Know you will make that cache of wine last at least a year.