Meet Amber @ The Browsing Brunette

Today I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you all to one of my great friends (in real life and in the blog world) Amber from:
Browsing Through Life With Faith & Fashion”

You will find on her own blog that she writes about a variety of things but it all boils down to one thing for Amber...Passion. Like myself, she has deep running passion for beauty & fashion... making her a perfect guest contributor for my blog while I'm busy adjusting to life with Rooster Dude. Amber will be joining Chicken Scratch through the month of July once a week to give you all some great inspiration about summer fashions. She has impeccable & classy taste - -There is sure to be something for everyone!

Be on the look out for her style boards in July!! And, dont forget to pop over to her very own The Browsing Brunette blog to read more about her life's Strongest passions- Beauty, fashion, faith, Family, & being a Mom!


  1. Thanks Val! xoxo

  2. Like your combination of faith & fashion. Why do both have to be so hard at times?