My little baby girl isn't exactly a baby girl...she's 2 ½!!!! I'm so glad she cooperated (with the help of m&m's) to get some individual photos before lil dude comes along. They turned out just as I had hoped! Im obsessed with over exposed photos and these really played nicely with my adjustments :-)

My sweet & spicy lil Nugget @ 2 ½ ...

pretends she is a pirate and that Dixie (our dog) is a Dragon. Also, has a lion and/or a donkey (depends on the day) living in her room....What a wild imagination she has.

finally cut a two year molar....i was starting to worry ;-)

is about to be a big sister.

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  1. Crazy hard to believe this is the same nugget that came into the world kicking and letting out that 'OMG' what is that screeching sound 2 1/2 yrs ago. lol She is a doll and will be a good big sister - when she has time between all her other adventures and pretend.