Redo, Reorganization, Rearrange, Repainted. These words seem to be the theme for me lately. I'm of course nesting my lil heart out right now. I seem to come up with at least 10 projects every day but here are a few of my favorites:

Playroom Art Redo-
Before: Bright, Poppy, and Fun

After (with freshly painted walls as well): Calm, Crisp, and Clean

Snack Pack Central” is what I like to call this little basket of goodness found in my partially reorganized pantry. All you have to do is grab and go! (I saw something similar on Pinterest or somewhere...Im not sure.) We keep it on a lower shelf so that Nugget can help herself...and since most items require us still helping her open we can easily regulate how often she snacks.

A finalized Rearrangement of Rooster's Nursery. Things are all set. These photos show the chair and what difference it made in his room! Now onto washing and prepping his clothes! :-)

Painted Front Light Sconces-
These fixtures were a 14 year old weathered goldy/brass and needed a face lift. We originally had planned to replace them all together (and still hope to someday) but for now the cost of a can of spray paint sounded much better then the $100+ price tag of each new light we would need. Still need to paint that door handle and use my fab Cricut to cut out a vinyl appliqué of our house number to the door!

So that is a few of my favorite things that have been going on around here for the last couple of weeks in between trips to the zoo, cook outs, and what feels like about a billion shopping trips lately. The last few days' temps have been divine so I been trying to just “take a break” and sit out and enjoy the sunny 70's we have been blessed with.

Signing off now...Have an AMAZING weekend everyone!!!

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