So what did Nugget really give her Daddy this Father's Day?? You know I couldn't dish on this with my gift guide or Turkey would have known!! Today, Im back to fill you all in on what was missing from my Father's Day Gift Guide. But, before we get to that let's begin by my publicly thanking and applauding my Turkey on how great of a father he is! He is a total helper and super involved in caring for Nugget as well as just loving her to pieces. I'm tellin ya, this Daddy & his baby girl … their relationship melts my heart daily. I think it's safe to say Nugget has her Daddy “wrapped around her little finger.” And in a matter of a couple weeks I get to watch Turkey become a father to a son. I can't wait to see a whole new side to this Daddy that currently plays barbies and dress up like it's no big thing. I'm seeing more football and wrestling in this family's future. ;-)

Now, without further ado:


What makes a perfect man day? (for my man at least)

1. sleeping in
2. french toast for breakfast
3. comfy lazy day on the couch
4. cuddles, kisses, and gifts from his baby girl

*A deep fryer (he has been DYING for a deep fryer)
*Hooters wing breading mix
*20 fresh chicken wings ready to be fried!
*A “surprise card” colored/markered by Nugget (she kept calling the card a “surprise card” because when I helped her make it I kept telling her it was secret and a surprise for dad.)

5. Execution of one more step in the basement transformation into Turkey's “man cave.”
While yes, this did involve a little help from the Turkey himself, he still is thrilled anytime we put focus onto his “man cave” so he did his part happily. :-)
This little project was a focus on the landing in the stairway down to the basement. I began earlier in the week by painting the handrails and all the baseboards with a fresh coat of white paint. (The previous owners had a pool table and it banged up the trim a bit when they moved out so it need a good refresher to cover all the knicks and scuffs.)
We then painted the big wall at the landing with chalkboard paint. Not only do we L-O-V-E chalkboards in this house but I felt like the deep color would help set the tone as you decend into the “man cave”

We got rid of this HIDEOUS, TRAGIC, SUPER OUTDATED gold “boob” light and replaced it with a crisp pendent.


Last, by me writing “MAN CAVE” on his chalk wall, we finally have inducted this space as “his” (minus the office/crafty area- which he kindly & generously shares with me)

Turkey thinks I need to add a "beer list" section under the “MAN CAVE” saying "theres lots of beer...thats all you need to know” but I'm not sold on that yet.

6. Deep frying his wings, pickles, and tator tots for lunch delighted him to no end.
7. Then he settled in for the afternoon with beer and his Nascar race.

Does it get much better then this???

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