Who wants to take bets about when I'll get my booty organized enough to pull off hosting a play date again?? :-)

I wanted to have one last group playdate before Rooster Dude arrives. I literally have no idea how and when I will get to host another fun date so it was so fun to throw together one last lil bash for the kiddos.
**As I have mentioned in the past, We all began as friends and coworkers at the salon for many years and then all happened to have babies around the same time and all decided to stay at home. It's the most amazing and fun playgroup. We are so very blessed to have so many great friends to do fun things like this with- this playgroup&mama's as well as all my other friends their kids.
I have hopes of trying to host a “Sip & See” for all my friends and their kids shortly after Rooster Dude is born and we are all adjusted up in 'Da Roost. ;-) You know I love to host a fun lil party for these kiddos so I'll try to be back in action just as soon as I can!
Until then, I will be feathering my nest, giving birth to new life, and adjusting to being a family of 4!!

Our Last Fling Before a Baby I Bring!
(warning: this going to be a picture overload but I just cant help it)


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