It was midnight...just 8 short hours after giving birth to Rooster Dude...and I had this INTENSE craving for bacon. That was 4 weeks ago. Now..after many pounds of bacon BAKED (hello! This is the BEST method ever...unless of course you need to fry it to save the bacon grease so you can cook like a german—thats a whole different post in itself.) and who knows how much bacon consumed... this intense craving for bacon hasn't escaped me. I mean I ALWAYS love myself some bacon but DAMN....its kinda out of control since I had this lil guy. I mean who actually doesn't like bacon? It's so unbelievably amazing. I can't even describe how much I like bacon. I know you all understand. No one dislikes bacon...and if you do, well, I'm not sure we can be friends. So, since I'm having this ridiculously unhealthy obsession, I've decided to start something really special on here...
Yep...you already know where I'm going with this. I'm going to call it:

I've chosen four (to begin with) bacon based recipes on Pinterest that I'm going to make and review for you all on here. I promise I'm doing this as a service to you all and not at all for my own enjoyment...I promise!! ;-) So stay tuned...I hope to be back next wednesday with my first review! Here are some sneek peak photos of what is to come!

I leave you with a question: Are you Team Crispy bacon or Team Chewy Bacon?
I'm a little of both but mostly chewy! :-)


  1. You know bacon is my favorite food, EVER. I like crispy, dave likes chewy. I will gladly volunteer for taste tasting

  2. Team chewy! ...with crispy edges :) I am excited to hear the reviews on the bacon pancakes. If it is good, i bet it will be next up for Saturday breakfast for Adam.