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Time For Giving or Paying It Forward

Just wanted to share something happening in my life right now.  A very sweet friend and co-worker of mine found out this past December her six year old son had leukemia.  Now people she is like a daughter to me (her mother lives in Mexico).  I don't care how young or old you are in times of crisis you want your Mother.  Needless to say she has been worried sick and going 24hrs a day with hospital stays, treatments, blood tests, Dr. appointments.  This has left no time with her other two younger children (age 3, and 1 yr).  I miss her very much at work but not the 'work' part of it, just spending time with her and worried about Edgar.  We do try to text as much as she can squeeze in but really very little time for chit chat.

Now the worry about your child is quite enough to make you crazy but then the loss of wages, and bills, bills and gas dollars, more bills. . . .  Our community and church has been very kind hearted about holding two fundraisers for the family.  I have never personally under taken anything of this size but simply COULD NOT sit back and do nothing. 

After much thinking/planning & consulting several outside sources we (work office) managed to have a BBQ meal fundraiser.  I will admit to more than a couple of nights of thinking, not sleeping, even the panic . . . what if no one comes?  I will also admit to what a lot of work goes into getting the date chosen, location, fliers made and distributed, advertising, grocery shopping for 200 meals, preparing and getting the meal served.  I will go on record here.  This was a labor of love and would do it all again in a heartbeat!!!  It would be so wonderful if we NEVER again needed a fundraiser due to illness, but don't ever hesitate to jump in and help others.  I know the family appreciated everything we planned and all the family/friends that helped.

The very best part of the whole fundraiser was little Edgar was actually able to come enjoy the day.  His first time out in public since being diagnosed other than hospital/Dr. etc.  We were so thrilled to see him smiling.

Mother Hen

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