Fashion Files #3 by Amber @ The Browsing Brunette

Summer Jewels

Summer Jewels by thebrowsingbrunette featuring a bib necklace

So I’ve talked about summer dresses, summer shoes and now we are on to jewelry! My main two pieces of jewelry to dress up or dress down an outfit are necklaces and earrings. Some of the chicest and on trend jewels are from Bauble Bar. All these pieces are under $40! Summer is all about light, breezy, and comfy so I think too much jewelry isn’t really necessary so I chose to stick with earrings and necklaces. Let’s start with delicate accessories.

My tips for when to choose delicate pieces are:

*you are wearing something that has a lot going on already (bold colors, rhinestones, a unique collar, bold patterns etc)
*you want something classic
*you want something that you can wear over and over

I generally wear a pair of stud earrings and a simple necklace daily. It’s not to much but it also says Hey I’m trying I put on some jewelry 

Now on to statement pieces! I find myself constantly drawn to statement pieces although I don’t wear them as much as I would like. My tips for when to choose statement pieces:

*you want to be noticed!
*you are wearing something basic that could be kicked up a notch (ie a LBD, basic tee & jeans, etc)
*you need to take your look from day to night (maybe your work doesn’t call for loud jewels or you are a SAHM and big necklaces and dangling earrings are practical for around the house)

A couple other tips less is always more, I caution wearing huge earrings and a chunky necklace. I’m not saying it can’t work but it’s generally a huge cluster of too much and no one is sure what to focus on. A DO is mix delicate and statement pieces for a great balance. Go for a simple stud with a bold necklace or vice versa. Have fun with your jewels!

OBESESSED with your selections, Amber!! 
Thanks again for your inspiration and contribution for this week!!

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